Artículos económicos

07.04.2015 07:38
Economy of China
As for any export-oriented country, decline in demand for Chinese products in foreign markets remains its main risk. In this regard, global tendencies in the part of more focusing on high-technology goods make Chinese economy even more vuln... Leer más
10.03.2015 07:46
What Affects Forex Currency Exchange Rates
One of the main participants of any national financial system is its central bank. Therefore, central bank policy has a direct effect on the national currency exchange rate. That effect is mainly exercised in two directions: by means of set... Leer más
04.02.2015 10:22
Eurozone Economies
Besides the difficulties caused by the transition to euro, Eurozone member states' economies were significantly weakened by the financial crisis that occurred in the second half of the last decade. In articular, unemployment rate in Ger... Leer más
12.01.2015 07:32
Currency Market
Many people often make mistakes calling Forex a currency exchange. Forex is an off-exchange market, where currencies are exchanged at free prices determined only by current market conditions. This market has no definite physical place, trad... Leer más
02.12.2014 08:26
United States Economy
In essence, the USA is, at the same time, the largest global importer and the same significant exporter. Telecommunication equipment and semiconductors, airliners and automobiles, engines and equipment for energy-producing industry, measuri... Leer más