Acceleration / Deceleration Oscillator

Deceleration / Acceleration

The price on the currency market changes under the infuence of acceleration and deceleration factors. The market is operated by a force that is capable of changing direction, accelerate and decelerate to zero - at this moment, price also changes.

In order to measure acceleration and deceleration, the АС or Acceleration/Deceleration Oscillator technical indicator was developed. It provides signals regarding the upcoming change in the direction of the market's driving force, and further - in the price itself. If the indicator is above zero level, then acceleration, as a rule, goes upward, if tis is below - then downward. Crossing of the zero level does not constitute a signal yet. Watch the AC color, if you want to control the market with the help of this indicator: it is better not to make purchases if it is red, and if the bar color is green, it is a sell signal.

In order to begin trading towards the driving force, you will need 2 green AC bars above zero and 2 red bars below zero. To enter the market against the driving force, you will need three red bars above zero for sale and 3 green bars below zero for purchase.