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24.12.2018 12:56
Results of 2018: wars and truces
All painful points of the leaving year remain in inheritance to a future year. Europe and China were the most injured, but solutions of these problems do not coincide. FRS December became a rotary point for a dollar. Expensive credits will slow down consumption and increase in prices, but will... Leia Mais
17.12.2018 11:53
Questions without answer: the market waiting for miracles
ECB Apparently, the monetary policy of Europe, loyal to global problems, comes to the end together with Draghi's cadence. The meeting was boring: ECB finished the program of purchase of assets, worsened the forecast of growth of the economy, but will not change a rate while inflation is ... Leia Mais
10.12.2018 11:28
Truces not in a trend: we wait for results of local wars
NFP … was almost ideal, but investors preferred flight in state treasury bills of the USA and a decline in yield of papers promoted to the lack of demand for the dollar. Now it should be traced how this report will be treated by FRS – it is clear that with the current growth of salaries ... Leia Mais
03.12.2018 10:51
New Year's Eve Market: prizes for optimists and fines for losers
FRS bargains with Trump; Italy weakens, but threatens. Brexit waits for the result of a local parliamentary fight. G20 The final communique is crowded with the purposes on the future and practically does not contain a reasonable assessment of the present. It is supposed to fight against... Leia Mais
26.11.2018 11:49
The final saga on Brexit: victory or death?
The current week will identify priorities with a view to the next year. The Sunday EU summit took place in hot fights, but in general, it achieved goals; Britain and leaders of the EU signed the main agreement on Brexit and the declaration of future relations. The solution on the border with... Leia Mais