Resúmenes analíticos

11.11.2019 12:38
Wars don't determine who is right: the market craves revenge
Even the most favourable decisions cannot be considered final, although a strong impetus for risk appetite at the end of the year is guaranteed. USA - EU Trump promised to decide on increasing duties on EU auto imports until November 14, which is one of the key drivers for the dynamics of the ... Leer más
04.11.2019 10:22
Local problems are solved, but we do not slow down the overall pace
The Fed adjusted the parameters according to the forecast, but in general FRS's rhetoric turned out to be hawkish. The assessment of economic growth is positive, there is a high rate of household expenditure, the assessment of the labour market and inflation has remained unchanged. Powell believes ... Leer más
28.10.2019 13:21
New Anglo-French War: Cui prodest?
Brexit Britain’s Parliament approved the current version of the agreement, but refused to approve the government’s proposed accelerated timetable for a final decision, so an extension of Article 50 is inevitable. Johnson believes that debate on the substance of the agreement will be resumed be... Leer más
21.10.2019 12:40
Brexit without Johnson or the policy of three letters
Prime Minister Johnson almost made a feat, having reached a political agreement with the EU, but was forced to accept disadvantageous to Britain compromises that eventually led to the failure of a vote in Parliament. We recall that this option was already rejected in 2018 and recognized by the gover... Leer más
14.10.2019 11:55
Brexit changed director − we are waiting for the result
So … Britain Euphoria from a long meeting of Johnson with Varadkar provided to pound speculative growth almost on 5 figures: Britain for the first time expressed the support of the ideas of an open border with Ireland. Northern Ireland actually will remain in the customs territory of Britain ... Leer más