MetaTrader 5 (MT5)

Introducing the MetaTrader 5, a professional trading platform that enhances and expands upon the functionality of its predecessor with a vast array of financial and news information, modern analytical and technical tools, additional services, and customization options.

MetaTrader 5 offers the following capabilities:

  • Multi-Market Terminal: Gain access not only to the Forex market but also to stock exchanges. Trade a full range of assets including currencies, spot metals, CFDs for stocks, and commodities with the convenient one-stop trading mode.
  • One Click Trading: Manage trade orders directly from the market overview window. Access full information about prices (spread, swap, bid/ask, high/low) for each instrument.
  • Advanced Order Execution Modes: Choose from 4 execution modes (Instant Execution, Market Execution, Request Execution, Exchange) and 2 new types of pending orders. Enjoy greater flexibility in creating trading systems with the ability to open BuyStopLimit and SellStopLimit orders directly from the price schedule, along with the new feature for automatically deleting expired orders.
  • Expanded Timeframes: Access 21 timeframes ranging from one minute to one month, including non-standard options. Benefit from detailed analysis for individual strategies and effective result evaluation.
  • Built-in Economic Calendar: Stay informed with an integrated economic calendar displayed at the bottom of the MT5 schedule. Events are color-coded based on importance for easy reference.
  • Social Trading Capability: Copy trades from successful traders directly within the MetaTrader 5 platform. Choose from a variety of free and commercial trading signals and let the terminal automatically execute trades on your behalf. MetaTrader 5 comes with a training video, showing how to choose and check the trading features of any given signal, as well as how to subscribe to them and how to evaluate the effectiveness of said signal’s transactions.
  • Comprehensive Analytical Tools: Access 38 technical indicators and 44 analytical tools in the standard MT5 package. Purchase additional tools from the online store and test them in operation directly within the terminal. Access supplementary training materials and engage in forum discussions for further insights.
  • Built-in Virtual Hosting: Ensure smooth operation of your trading robots and signals with a copy of the terminal in virtual space. Get optimal VPS-site with minimal delays to the broker's server. Enjoy the first 24 hours of hosting in MT5 Forex for free!

The enhanced capabilities of MT5, especially beneficial for automated trading enthusiasts, include integration with MQL5 IDE's development environment and a unique freelance service. MT5 can be downloaded for free and using its indicators or advisors and planning your own strategies requires minimal programming skills. If you find that you need assistance, you have the option to hire professionals through the Freelance section of the MT5 platform. Here, you can outline your requirements, including terms and price of order execution. After familiarizing yourself with the rules of the Freelance service, you can select a professional who best meets your needs.

The Strategy Tester enables users to assess the effectiveness of and optimal parameters for indicators, scripts, and advisors. With five test modes, including genetic algorithms, visualization tools, and various optimization methods, users can thoroughly evaluate strategies, including multicurrency advisors, while assessing asset correlation.

The MT5 platform supports distributed testing, allowing connection to additional capacities of local networks or the MQL5 Cloud Network for faster optimization. Technical specialists appreciate the efficient data export, support for push notifications, and versions available for iOS and Android devices, ensuring users stay synced with the market.

Constantly evolving, MT5 is a sophisticated analytical platform, delivering modern, reliable, and professional solutions. It represents the future of trading available today. Simply download MT5 for free to access a comprehensive set of tools for profitable trading.