Safety of Client Funds

Financial guarantees against technical faults

Forex trading is complicated and psychologically demanding as it is, but when loss of funds occurs as a result of technical faults, stress levels can truly soar. Unfortunately, most experienced traders have come to expect such losses as an inevitable part of trading. We find this to be unacceptable, which is why we offer something truly unique - a guarantee of fund safety in the event of technical faults.

In fact, our exceptional guarantee assures full compensation for any losses resulting from technical faults, regardless of the nature of the fault. While each case is assessed individually, if a technical fault is evident, funds will be accounted for. This guarantee sets xChief apart, as only a handful of Forex brokers worldwide provide such a unique guarantee.

Segregation of client's funds

Funneling client funds and broker funds into separate bank accounts is an integral, legally required method of client fund protection in the case of broker insolvency or payment system bankruptcy. At xChief we go beyond this legal requirement by never transferring client funds to the accounts of liquidity providers. Instead, we use our own funds to fulfill margin requirements when executing client orders in the market.

Please note, though, that while we strive to do our best to protect your funds, trading is inherently risky. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own trading decisions and any potential loss of funds, unless covered by our guarantee, as mentioned above.