Affiliate program «IB Pro»

The Affiliate Program is a fantastic risk-free earning opportunity, providing a stable passive income based on generated turnover. It is well-suited for anyone capable of attracting traders, including individuals, small websites, financial portals, training centers, trader communities, groups, or even large companies. It allows anyone who can attract traders to receive stable income for their turnover.

Affiliate Program Advantages

Uncapped and high affiliate commission of up to $15 per 1 lot.
Easy-to-sell products. NDB of $100, WB of $500, contest with $5000 prize fund, etc.
Affiliate remuneration for PAMM accounts.
Dedicated Affiliate Manager and additional support for promotion and business development.
Popular deposit/withdrawal options, including cards, crypto and bank wire in your local currency.

IB Pro

Level CENT Classic+ DirectFX xPrime
Forex Metals Forex Metals Forex Metals Forex Metals
level Beginner
$0.5 $0.5 $3 $4 $2 $3 $1 $1.5
level Silver
$1 $1 $6 $8 $4 $6 $2 $2.5
level Gold
$1.5 $1.5 $9 $12 $6 $8 $3 $3.5
level Platinum
$2 $2 $12 $15 $8 $10 $4 $4.5

* Commission rate for 1 lot.

Ambassador Pro

Level Ambassador Bonus Multi-layer Rebate CPL CPA
level Beginner
2.0% 7.5% Up to $2 Up to $250
level Silver
3.0% 10.0% Up to $2 Up to $500
level Gold
4.0% 12.5% Up to $2 Up to $750
level Platinum
5.0% 15.0% Up to $2 Up to $1000

* For more details, please contact your Personal Manager.

Level Upgrade Requirements

level Beginner
  • Basic level, set by default after registration is completed.
level Silver
  • Monthly referral turnover exceeds 100 lots;
  • The number of referrals is at least 5.
level Gold
  • Monthly referral turnover exceeds 250 lots;
  • The number of referrals is at least 20;
  • Additional requirements may be applied.
level Platinum
  • Monthly referral turnover exceeds 400 lots;
  • The number of referrals is at least 50;
  • Additional requirements may be applied.

Basic Conditions

  1. The affiliate's remuneration is paid once a week on weekends, once the trading session has ended. The amount of remuneration is calculated on the deals made within the target week: Monday 00:00:01 - Friday 23:59:59 (server time).
  2. Affiliate remuneration is paid only for the deals that meet the conditions of “Position duration” and “Min trade points”. Details for each instrument are available on the Contract Specifications page.
  3. Affiliate remuneration is not paid for accounts with an active No-Deposit Bonus.
  4. By participating in the affiliate program, you agree to xChief's right to terminate the partnership relations at any time without explanation.

How Do I Start?

Register to receive a special referral link
Share your referral link with traders
Your referred traders generate a trading turnover
You receive affiliate remuneration for the referral turnover