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14.10.2019 11:55
Brexit changed director − we are waiting for the result
So … Britain Euphoria from a long meeting of Johnson with Varadkar provided to pound speculative growth almost on 5 figures: Britain for the first time expressed the support of the ideas of an open border with Ireland. Northern Ireland actually will remain in the customs territory of Britain ... Read more
07.10.2019 11:46
Brexit: the last set is played without a tie-break
The British Prime Minister gave the EU the «new» plan again, EU rejected it once again. Providing the choice to Northern Ireland concerning normative rules of the EU or Britain with the obligation of the EU to refuse check of border endangers the uniform market of the EU. Alas, London still has no o... Read more
30.09.2019 11:34
The market is governed by political blackmail
Britain The Supreme Court of Britain recognized stoppage of parliament illegal, and Johnson guilty of the Queen's misinformation concerning the reasons and need of acceptance of such measures. The Prime Minister, in turn, declared the judgment «incorrect» and accused the opponents of capitulat... Read more
23.09.2019 11:45
Trump Almighty or the market is looking for volatility
So … Fed The rate on federal funds was reduced by 0.25%, the rate on excess reserves − by 0.30%. The market perceived the accompanying statement as too optimistic, although the situation still indicates a slight increase in inflation. The forecast for US GDP growth for 2019 was increased by 0... Read more
16.09.2019 11:57
Lessons of Herostratus: aggression as a factor of progress
Let's start with a fresh fire: On Saturday the world's largest oil refinery company Saudi Aramco was attacked by air drones − this is the most destructive accident in the oil industry of Saudis. Analysts estimate market losses approximately at 5 million Barrel/day, that is about 5% of daily extrac... Read more