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30.03.2020 12:14
The market is wearing masks and keeping its distance
The virus dictates the agenda, and even FOMC began to be held remotely scheduled meetings. So … FRS Still, Bernanke 's ideas are eternal: Powell has again launched a «helicopter» loan program, in which for $1 allocated by the US Ministry of Finance, the FRS is ready to issue $10 of borrowed mo... Read more
23.03.2020 11:55
Not everyone will survive: the viral market in search of the bottom
Massive cuts in interest rates by regulators have not improved the impression of a global collapse. Central banks expected to deploy stock assets but were only able to slow the fall. The reaction of markets to policy easing was weak, short-term and uniform, stock platforms showed little growth, the ... Read more
16.03.2020 11:36
FED puts zero: monetary papyrus against the virus
Europe has become the epicentre of the pandemic, in fact, Shengen was cancelled, it is difficult to estimate the negative consequences in the average term even approximately. Unemployment growth is guaranteed, consumption reduction is expected to be at least 20%. Financial markets in permanent catas... Read more
09.03.2020 12:07
No bottom or shore is visible: the markets are absolutely risk-off
Oil quotes at the minimum of February 2016. OPEC + not only did not reach agreement on an additional reduction in production, but also refused to extend the current quotas. Following the meeting, a document was signed on the continuation of cooperation under the Charter of Cooperation, but, since Ap... Read more
02.03.2020 12:36
War of the worlds: viral crash-test – still not a disaster
Panic on the topic of the virus still seems excessive, but investors are beginning to consider not only the economic impact of the epidemic but the risk of losing trump in the presidential election in November, what causes global capital outflow from US assets. Capitalization of the US stock market ... Read more