Investment Accounts


Our Investment Accounts offer a unique blend of investment possibilities for both seasoned and beginner investors, and passive earning potential for professional traders acting as Investment Fund Managers.

For Traders: We empower professional traders to create globally accessible funds for fellow traders and investors. As the Fund Manager, you can earn up to 50% of the fund’s profits.

For Investors: To trade or not to trade? The choice is yours! If you seek simplicity and passive income, invest in one or several funds managed by our successful traders, and let them handle your funds for you.

Create an Investment Fund

  1. Sign up and create a new investment fund in the 'Investments' section. You will need to specify details for your investment offer and choose an account type: Classic+ or DirectFX.
  2. To make your fund available to investors, you’ll need to activate it by verifying your personal data and by adding at least $100 to the fund.
  3. Once the fund becomes active and visible in the rating system, investors can start investing in the fund.
  4. If your trading strategy is highly profitable, your investment fund is likely to attract more investors and capital, growing your remuneration, which may be as high as 50% of the profits.

Learn How to Make an Investment

  1. Sign up and choose any investment fund available in the rating system.
  2. Make an investment by transferring a deposit to the selected fund.
  3. You are all set! Just track the equity of your investment account for passive income and relax.

Top-Rated Funds