Copy Trading

Social trading and copying successful traders, as well as the sale of in-house trading signals, have become an integral part of the modern market of foreign exchange services. Recognizing this, MetaQuotes developed a Trading Signals service for their MetaTrader platform, enabling users to not only copy successful traders but also become providers of trading signals for regular remuneration from subscribers.

The MetaQuotes Trading Signals service provides traders with the opportunity to earn remuneration for each trade copied by an unlimited number of subscribers. In turn, clients interested in copying successful traders can subscribe to trading signals directly within the MetaTrader terminal. Once subscribed, a provider's trades will be automatically copied to the subscriber's account.

In order to ensure security of investments for Trading Signals subscribers, MetaQuotes implements both transparency and security measures. For real accounts, copying trades from trading accounts with leverage exceeding 1:500 is not allowed. Additionally, to safeguard investors from unscrupulous signal providers, the service administration conducts identity document checks. Upon registration, the provider's full name becomes publicly available in their profile, enhancing the overall safety and transparency of the service.

How to subscribe for Trading Signals

  1. Open either a DirectFX, Classic+, or CENT account;
  2. Register an account on the website MQL5.community;
  3. In the MetaTrader terminal, go to Tools - Options - Community tab, enter your password and login;
  4. In the Terminal block choose a signal provider by double clicking their name;
  5. Press the Subscribe button located in the upper part of the action toolbar to access the subscription details confirmation window;
  6. Accept the “Rules of Using the Service”, confirming your subscription details, and enter your MQL5.community password. You should now see the Terminal Settings window with a “Signals” tab;
  7. Go to the Signals tab (Tools - Options - Signals) and specify the copy trading parameters;
  8. From that moment on, all the trades of the provider which you selected will be copied to your account. Please take note that in order to copy trades, the MetaTrader 4 terminal must be started and connected to the broker's trading server.

How to become a supplier of Trading Signals

  1. Register an account on the MQL5.community website and access your profile;
  2. Open the Provider tab and register as a signal provider;
  3. After your request is approved by the moderator, you will receive the following SMS message “You have been approved as a MQL5.com provider”, as well as a personal message at MQL5.com with the text “Provider Profile: your request for getting the status of Provider has been approved”;
  4. Next, go to the Signals section and click the link “Make your signal”;
  5. Fill out the form, providing information about your trading signal. Please specify the price of your monthly or weekly subscription plan. If you choose a weekly plan, please ensure that the price is exactly 25% of the price of your monthly subscription plan;
  6. Once your signal is published, all your account trading history will be made public.

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